We get it. You want beautifully decorated spaces, yet you crave the functionality needed to be a great dog mom or dad. So, how do you keep your sanity (and your clean furniture!) while tending to your pet’s needs?

Here’s how to create pet-friendly spaces in your Colorado home so man’s best friend can equally feel at home.

1. Choose Fur-Friendly Furniture

If you’re looking to keep your furniture intact, it’s best to consider what’s fur-friendly and what’s going to turn into a giant lint roller. Velvet, corduroy, and knit couches are known to be fur collectors. Consider investing in leathers and synthetic fibers, instead. They’re easier to wipe down and don’t attract pet hair like other materials.

2. Update Your Flooring

Pets, especially puppies, aren’t always trained to hold their tiny blatters. Accidents happen—but the best way to prepare your home is to consider new flooring. We highly recommend flooring that is easy to clean—ideally, you’d install laminate flooring, stone, or ceramic tiles in the areas where your puppy will spend most of his or her time.

3. Section Off a Play Area

Don’t let your little guy run rampant around the house. Instead, section off an area of the home that’s specific for playing. It’ll help them feel like they have their own space—and, in the early training stages, you’ll be able to control where their bathroom habits a little easier.

4. Paint Walls Smoothly

Textured walls are fun and trendy, especially if you’re looking to remodel this year...but if you have pets, your preferred texture better be furry. Highly-textured walls attract pet fur that’s floating in the air—and it’s a pain to clean. For a pet-friendly home, smoothly painted walls are much easier to manage.

5. Gather Aesthetically Pleasing Accessories

Want to maintain your home’s aesthetic? Don’t throw a brightly colored pet bed in the middle of a sleek living area or newly renovated bonus room. Instead, invest in pet accessories that will last (and will match the hues of your room). Pet beds made from higher quality materials will also give your BFF a place to relax and recharge in style.

6. Invest in New Window Treatments

Pets love spending time at the window watching for you to return or barking at the mailman...which means they spend a lot of time near your window treatments. For your pet’s safety, you may want to raise blinds out of reach or invest in some pet-friendly blind options.

7. Keep Breakables Out of Reach

With pets, accidents happen—but to keep mishaps at a minimum it’s best to put breakables out of paw reach. Avoid setting candles, glassware, and other breakable figurines on coffee tables or other low lying areas. You’ll thank yourself later.

Call H3 Construction and Design for Pet-Friendly Home Remodels Near Denver, CO

At H3 Construction and Design, our team is always happy to walk you through considerations for any home improvement project. Have pets? Not a problem. Let us know how our team can best accommodate you and your furry friend during your renovation!

Want to start a pet-friendly home remodeling project in Northern Colorado? H3 Construction and Design is one of the most trusted contractors near the Denver, Colorado area. Call us today at 970-515-2264 to learn more about our expert remodeling services or contact us online—we can’t wait to work with you!

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