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How to Gain More Storage Space by Remodeling Your Attic & Basement

Looking to make more space in your Denver home? When you begin crunching numbers with a contactor, you might find that it’s overwhelmingly more expensive to build out than up. To maximize your savings and minimize cost, consider revamping your attic or basement for additional room and storage space. You’ll quickly find that adding efficient storage to these spaces can be life-changing. Here are a few ideas. 

5 Ideas for Your Next Basement or Attic Remodel

1. Consider adding built-in shelving to your attic rafters. 

Attics can get cluttered really quickly. It’s a cramped space where no one really ventures…so it’s to be expected. Still, you can gain more storage space in the attic by organizing the area. Our best idea? Install built-in shelving in the attic rafters to neatly store smaller items.  

2. Conceal your mess with larger basement closets.

Open-air basement floor plans have gained popularity for an abundance of reasons. Whether you like throwing parties or need an indoor space for the kids to play, a wide open remodeled basement just makes sense. But, if you’re in the need for storage, consider this: giant basement closets. To maximize storage, we recommend siloing off your basement space with additional closets to store holiday decorations and winter clothes. It’ll keep your mess out of sight, too!

3. Insulate everything. 

Insulating your basement or attic can also be a great move. When you insulate your space, you’ll allow for more even temperatures year-round (even if you don’t heat and cool the area). Keeping the extreme temperatures at bay will allow you to store more precious items in these hideaways without concern. 

4. Think about your attic floorboards. 

If you’re planning to convert your attic into a space with lots of storage (or even a small room), you’ll want to inquire about your attic floorboards. Not all attics are equipped with strong floorboards—and some can only handle about 10 to 20 pounds of weight on each barring. If you’re planning to store heavy items, consider remodeling in full. 

5. Turn any under-the-stairs space into a broom closet.

The behind-the-stairs space can be tricky to fill. Another great way to maximize space in your basement? Turn your under-the-stairs space into a broom or coat closet. Design shelving that fits right in and never worry about wasted room again. 

Choose H3 Construction and Design for Attic and Basement Remodeling Near Denver, CO

Ready to remodel your attic or basement? The team at H3 Construction and Design is always ready to help you build the home of your dreams at a price you can afford. We take on projects of any size and have been called one of the best attic and basement remodeling contractors near Denver—give us a call today at 970-515-2264 or contact us online to learn more!

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