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How Long Is a Remodel Going to Take?

Asking yourself, “how long is this remodel going to take?” Depending on a variety of factors, home remodeling or renovation can be a quick and painless process…or it can be a headache that drags on for months. Everyday that passes is another 12 to 15 hours of subcontractors traipsing through your home with chainsaws blaring and sawdust flying. Before you start a home remodel near Denver, here’s what you and your family need to know.

So, How Long Is a Remodel Going to Take?

The length of a home remodel depends on the specific project, where it’s located, and the contractor’s schedule. For a smooth home remodeling process, you’ll want to plan ahead, communicate well with the contractor, and set realistic expectations. No home remodel is done in the blink of an eye—but here’s a breakdown of how long each type of remodel might take. (Please note: these home remodeling times are estimates. Custom home remodels can take more or less time than listed—you can discuss a specific timeline for your project by calling us!)

Whole-kitchen renovation

A whole-kitchen renovation can take up to 12 weeks to complete. This type of home renovation might include a complete gutting of the kitchen appliances, replacing the cabinets, re-doing the kitchen floor, and re-installing all new appliances. During this remodel, you can expect a bit of a routine shift. During this process, your kitchen will be unusable—so you’ll need to budget for meals out and coffee on-the-go.

Kitchen update

Just looking to spruce up the kitchen with fresh appliances or new tile? Simple kitchen updates can be done in as little as one week—although many take up to two weeks, depending on the available of the products you’re installing. During this remodel, you’ll be able to stay inside the home and, for the most part, go about your normal day.

Powder room renovation

Small bathroom renovations without tubs can move fairly quickly. During this renovation, you’re likely going to replace tile, update the fixtures, add new decor, and give the area a fresh coat of paint. For a small powder room renovation, you can expect it to take about 2 weeks. You might suffer water outages during plumbing updates—but you can try to schedule these when you’re at work!

Master bathroom renovation

Master bathroom renovations are a little more involved—this project can take 3 to 4 weeks to complete. If this is your only bathroom, you might want to schedule a time to shower at a friend or family’s house. During this project, you can expect a toilet replacement, new tile installation and recaulking, tub or shower replacement, and vanity updates.

Attic or basement conversion

Attic and basement conversions might just be among the biggest home remodeling projects to tackle. These projects can take 8 to 10 weeks to complete because you’re converting unused, and often unheated spaces, into bedrooms. In a way, this process is treated like new construction—and you’ll have to extend plumbing, HVAC ducts, and electrical wiring to the area. Additional insulation and drywalling may also be required.

Choose H3 Construction and Design for a Stress-Free Home Remodel Near Denver, CO

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