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H3 Construction has the ability to design your dream home, large remodel, or commercial project from start to finish. By using programs like Chief Architect® and Sketchup® Design Software we are able to create each detail of your construction project exactly how you want it to be. We have the best design staff skilled at crafting spaces that provide light, beauty, and function.
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Combining Your Vision and Dreams With Our Experience and Technology

3D Rendering

H3 is able to create a 3D rendering of any existing or new home space so clients are able to virtually walk through their new project. We promise you will be pleased when viewing the 3d model on a big screen TV in our office.

This allows clients to get a feel for how their spaces will live and function while giving us the ability to make live adjustments. Chief Architect® also allows us to put actual sized furniture in place which will show aesthetically how their current furniture or prospect furniture will fit.

We can also drop the rendering of a new home on an existing lot in order to see how the home would look and how it would fit in the actual space. This allows clients to get a feel of how their new home or large remodel would look on a current lot.

Examples of Rendering To Completed Job:

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Framing and CAD Details

By having our designers use tools like Chief Architect® and Sketchup®, we have many capabilities to ensure the correct build for your home. As you can see, we can draw a complete frame pack for your dream home, or large remodel. We will know exactly what type of material and how much we are going to need on any given project.

This makes estimates a snap!
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