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Construction work in the winter

How Does Weather Affect Construction?

By H3 Construction | December 22, 2020

Adverse weather can throw a serious wrench in construction plans. This can be especially troublesome in regions with a lot of snow such as Colorado. Other factors such as high winds, heavy rain, temperature, and fog can come into play and affect a construction timeline. The unpredictability of weather can’t be planned around which can…

commercial interior design project in Colorado

What is Commercial Interior Design?

By H3 Construction | November 20, 2020

When you think of interior design, what comes to mind? If an idyllic, stylish living room straight off the pages of Architectural Digest is the first image you conjure up, you’re not alone. Residential interior design tends to get the lion’s share of our collective attention. But there’s a highly impactful branch of this industry…

Planning for a custom home design

Popular Exterior Styles for Custom Homes in 2020

By H3 Construction | October 20, 2020

The sky’s the limit when you choose to build a custom home! From floorplans to appliances, you can contribute to every aspect of the design process. Exterior styling can be an especially exciting aspect of the design process. There’s a lot of room to get creative with your new home. But with complete creative license…

Blueprint for a custom home

5 Essentials To Help You Prepare for a Custom Home Build

By H3 Construction | September 18, 2020

After weighing all of your options and seeing what is best for you and your family you’ve decided to build a custom home. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to dig in and lay the groundwork for a smooth process all the way through. You’re probably wondering where to start when building a custom home and what…

Empty room before and after house flip.

Should You Build a Custom Home or Flip a House?

By H3 Construction | August 21, 2020

Building a Custom Home  The appeal of building a brand new home is alluring. You get a beautiful, ready-to-move-in oasis with no sweat off your back. And a custom-built home, in particular, can offer a personalized touch crafted exactly to your tastes. But there are some considerations you should mull over before you decide to…

Man holding a tiny model house in hand

What Are Accessory Dwelling Units?

By H3 Construction | July 31, 2020

Imagine a housing solution that creates more housing opportunities in communities, saves homeowners and tenants money, empowers seniors to be near family as they age, and makes use of extra space in low-density neighborhoods. Imagine apartments built on top of garages and in basements, detached dwellings situated on large, spacious lots, and gorgeous tiny homes…

Finished modern kitchen after house remodel

What Does My Insurance Cover for Remodeling?

By H3 Construction | June 30, 2020

Are you looking around the house for the next remodel or addition to make on your home?  Remodels can be expensive so, before getting started, you may want to know how much will your insurance cover and how much comes directly out of your pocket. What Qualifies as Remodeling?  When looking to your insurance to…

Toolbox filled with tools

16 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

By H3 Construction | May 27, 2020

What tools does a new homeowner need? How about: What tools should every house have? The majority of residencies need a few tools to survive, repair fixtures, hang decorations, and do whatever else that’s necessary. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, there are essential tools you should keep on hand to ensure…

Home remodel in Loveland, Colorado

Is It Illegal to Remodel Without a Permit

By H3 Construction | April 29, 2020

Before we officially start work on a remodeling project for a homeowner, we always ask, “Do you have the necessary permits for the project?” If they answer with a “no”, then we refuse to start the job until they have the permit(s) in hand. However, we do help with this process if the permit hasn’t…

Commercial contractors working on a Colorado project

5 Ways Construction Companies Have Improved Procedures

By H3 Construction | February 28, 2020

In recent years, the construction industry has drastically changed and improved in procedures to ensure that business owners get the best product for their dollar. Construction projects move much faster, measurements are more accurate, and the digital landscape has taken over. These improvements make it easier for the entire construction project to be built from…