How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Garage?

February 22, 2022

Remodeling a garage requires planning as it entails changing the entire property. Like all renovation endeavors, the price tag on your garage remodeling project depends on the project's scope. According to HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide, the national average cost is between $14,000 and $ 25,000. 

Several factors affect garage remodeling costs. When you decide on the remodeling elements you need, such as installing a new garage door, you will also need to plan for other areas of concern, such as cabling and electric wiring, adding insulation, and improving the existing heating system. If you decide to convert it to a living space or home gym, you will also alter your garage floor.

Let's take a closer look at some crucial factors that can affect your total costs. But first, why should you remodel your garage?

Is It Worth It to Remodel Your Garage?

Whether you're buying a new home or just looking to expand your existing space, the cost of remodeling your current garage is worth your expenditure. The benefits are:

Storage Space

You might waste garage space because of the lack of wall storage for tools; think about adding cabinets or workbenches to organize your tools and supplies. 

Functional Improvements

You want to make your garage more functional, whether that means adding a workshop or a tool shed. Or perhaps you’d rather convert it to a guest house, a "man cave" with a pool table and pinball machine, or a "she shed" for relaxation and decoration.

Curb Appeal

The garage is one of the most extensive parts of many homes' exteriors, so the way it looks is more valuable. Make yours look better by matching it to the entire home's style.

Value Increases

Garages are among the top three features buyers look at when shopping for homes. According to the National Association of Realtors, a garage remodel can return up to 70% of the cost at resale.


Chances are, if you're working in your garage in the winter months, it isn't heated. Consider installing radiant flooring or running radiant heat along the ceiling to keep yourself warm while working on projects during those chilly days.


If there are windows in your garage, they probably aren't insulated very well. Adding insulation to the walls will help keep the temperature down during those hot summer days.

Energy efficiency

You can remodel your garage to be energy efficient by replacing or adding insulation, installing weather stripping, and caulking.

Garage Remodel Costs

Remodeled garage with vinyl flooring

The cost of remodeling a garage will vary depending on what type of garage you have and the garage space. Cost breakdowns are usually based on a per square foot basis, so it's best to understand the way different categories of expense are measured. 

Most homeowners pay around $18,000 for an attached two-car model and $20,700 for a detached two-car garage model measuring 24x24-ft. A 12x20-ft (1 car) attached garage will cost an average of around $8,400.

If you update your garage doors, a standard entry garage door will cost $2,317 to $3,382. It will depend on the garage doors you purchase and the type of material they are made of. At the same time, the average cost of interior walls is $14,565, while exterior walls cost an average of $3,000 to $6,500.

Remodeling a garage into a kitchen varies between $5,000-$30,000. You can do it cheaply by installing appliances, cabinetry, and countertops. Otherwise, new flooring, electricity, and plumbing will also be necessary.

If you want to convert part of your garage into living space, such as apartments or mother-in-law suites, the average cost is $22,000 to $99,000. A healthy and functional ventilation system will reduce cooling costs for your new room. In contrast, a reliable lighting system that adds functionality and style will cost an average of $399 and up per fixture. 

A simple garage remodel to fix up an existing space will cost between $8,700 and $10,000. The cost includes painting walls and the ceiling, installing new lights, and repairing damaged areas. In contrast, a central garage can cost upwards of $25,000 because of increasing the garage's size and adding electrical outlets, insulation, and drywall. 

Adding a bathroom could cost about $9,850. At the same time, the average cost of adding a laundry room is $1,500-$8,000. However, if you have never added plumbing before to your home, garage remodel costs could increase due to the pipes needed. 

Garage Remodel Cost Factors

The total cost of your garage renovation project can vary greatly depending on the following factors:

The Garage’s Dimensions

The larger the garage area, the more materials you’ll need and the longer it will take the contractor to complete your project.

Consider the size of the current garage door and your new entry door (if you plan on replacing it). Fresh paint can freshen up an old garage door and is cheaper than buying a new one, but remember that some paints have volatile organic compounds.

Next, you'll need to decide what family space you want in your garage- do you want rooms like an office or a living room? In addition, how will you divide the available floor space?

Do you want separate areas for entertaining?

Fixtures and Appliances for Garage Renovation

Materials needed to accomplish this project include:

  • foundation vents, insulated walls, and ceilings
  • Insulated foundation slab (if you don't already have it)
  • Windows and doors (if replacing or adding them)
  • Electricity and lighting fixtures 
  • Backup generator to power the lights in case of outages
  • Permits (which can cost an additional $500 to $1,500 on average)

How will you insulate the ceiling and walls?

If needed, you can install portable air conditioning units to help keep the temperature low during the warmer months. If you want better lighting, you can also consider ensuring ample air circulation and adding things like exhaust fans, windows, and skylights. If you live in a humid climate, moisture-resistant drywall may help prevent mold growth.

Garage Flooring Options

Garage floors cost $1,000 to $10,000. If you want to turn your garage into an office or living space, seal your concrete floor in order to insulate the room. 

Garage Floor Tiles and Mats

Rubber tiles come in various colors and sizes. They also provide an anti-slip surface for guests walking around in their socks or bare feet during the winter or early spring days.

Garage Floor Coating

It can cost about $4 per square foot. The epoxy coating creates a smooth surface on the floor. It is easy to clean up spills and protect from stains. The coating also comes in various colors, so you can find one that fits the rest of the room.

Painted Concrete

A cheap and easy solution. Paint will protect your concrete from water stains and give it a nice shine. However, paint does tend to chip and wear away over time, so it will need regular maintenance. 

Consider installing heated floors in your garage remodel if you have the extra money. It will help keep your family warm during the winter months.

Labor Costs

A Standard 2 car garage is usually around 440 sq ft and 624 sq ft. The national average labor cost is about $55 to $100 per sq ft. 

If you live in Northern Colorado, H3 Construction and Design offers you a range from as little as $50 to $100 per sq ft for a complete garage overhaul, depending on the type of remodeling you want for your garage.

It's difficult to deny that garage renovations are a relatively inexpensive way to expand your home; however, it is a complex project requiring professionalism.

If you make the right choices, with the help of your local building department, you can do it for much less than you think.

H3 Construction & Design has the lowest estimated costs and the highest satisfaction ratings. It is a reputable company that offers quality services within your budget to achieve positive results. Schedule a consultation today!

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Remodeling a garage requires planning as it entails changing the entire property. Like all renovation endeavors, the price tag on your garage remodeling project depends on the project's scope. According to HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide, the national average cost is between $14,000 and $ 25,000.  Several factors affect garage remodeling costs. When you decide on […]

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