7 Fireplace Remodel Ideas While on a Budget

7 Fireplace Remodel Ideas While on a Budget

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The fireplace is a venue for gathering. It draws in family and friends for time to laugh over hot cocoa, play board games, and bask in the full joy of the colder months of the year. The savvy homeowner knows that what you do with your fireplace will set the mood for your entire living room. Of course, having the funds for a large remodel project isn’t a luxury we can all afford. If you want to cultivate a beautiful fireplace area while keeping the price tag low, you’re in luck. Here are 7 budget-friendly fireplace remodel ideas.

1. Whitewash Exposed Bricks

exposed whitewashed brick fireplace
 Photo Credit: Fireplace Painting

Another DIY-friendly option for fans of simplistic design is to whitewash your exposed brick fireplace. It only requires a handful of tools. You’ll need white latex paint, a paintbrush, rags, a drop cloth, and painter’s tape. Simply apply the paint directly onto the brick. Be sure to clean the surface of dust beforehand. 

2. Touch it Up With Reclaimed Wood 

Reclaimed wood fireplace in loft apartment
Photo Credit: The Spruce

One stylish, budget-friendly material used in a lot of modern remodel projects is repurposed wood. It can be very affordable. Sometimes you can even find it for free! You can easily secure wood from shipping pallets or warehouses for your project. If you like the rustic style of reclaimed wood, you can use it to cover your fireplace surround. This remodel project is fairly DIY-friendly and offers a cozy feel to your living space. 

3. Opt For a Stone Surround

Stone surround

Wood isn’t the only material you can use to spruce up your fireplace surround. Stone is a classic material used for a number of home design projects. It can offer a classic finish to your fireplace surround. While it isn’t as cost-efficient as repurposed wood, stone can be a fairly affordable material to work with depending on the specific type you choose. It is harder to work with than wood though so be sure your skills are up to snuff if you go this route.

4. Embellish With Statement Tiles

blue tiles around fireplace
Photo Credit: Bob Vila 

If you’re feeling really ambitious and have a bit more cash to spend, you can resurface your fireplace with tile. While this remodeling project requires more time and effort, the end result can be a stunning, clean design. With so many options for colors and patterns, you’ll be sure to find tiles that will match your design scheme perfectly. 

5. Strip it Down to the Brick

Exposed wood fireplace

Simplicity can be the key. If you have an older home, chances are there could be some gorgeous brick hidden under your surround. One way to deduce if there’s brick behind your drywall is to cut a small hole in the wall to take a peek behind it. If you see brick, you can work to expose the original fireplace. This can help you honor the history of your home and capture an authentic, homey atmosphere. 

6. Add a Simple Wood Mantel 

DIY Wood mantel place

Looking for a super easy, extra affordable DIY to transform your fireplace? Try adding a simple wood mantel. This look captures a stylish, minimalist aesthetic for a steal of a price. Follow along with this simple tutorial written by Remington Avenue. 

7. Whitewash Exposed Bricks 

Gold and black fireplace screens
Photo Credit: West Elm

Accessories and decor can go a long way when taking on any home remodel project. One great addition to a fireplace is an elegant screen. It will not only serve as a charming decorative piece, it will also help hide the less-than-attractive firebox and the sooty mess within it. There are plenty of beautiful options that will suit a range of tastes and styles.

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