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6 Unique Kitchen Storage Solutions

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: the kitchen is the heart of the home. Both a functional space and a meeting place, the kitchen serves your family each and every day. Whether it’s a massive space for cooking and entertaining or too small for comfort, here are 6 unique kitchen storage solutions to make the most of your available space.

6 Unique Kitchen Storage Solutions for a Denver Homeowner

1. Add floating shelves.

Need extra cabinet space? Don’t want to overextend your budget? Decide on floating shelves for a more modern aesthetic and cost-effective solution. Floating shelves can be installed on either side your windows or on an open wall to display dishes and glassware. Even if you have only a small amount of wall space to work with: small shelves can still get the job done.

2. Put mugs on a hook. 

Mugs are essential for morning coffee, but they take up a lot of space in the cabinet. Storing them on the counter isn’t ideal either, so why not install hooks? Repurpose a wall coat rack for coffee mugs or install a metal bar with hooks under the cabinet. Storing your mugs elsewhere will help keep the countertop free for actual cooking.

3. Install a wine rack.

Wine bottles can quickly take up any extra counter space. Installing a wine rack directly on your wall or in the cabinet space above your sink can be a seriously clever solution. 

4. Rebuild your pantry from floor to ceiling. 

Sometimes the only way to build is up. With the right home renovation contractor, you can redesign your kitchen pantry to include floor to ceiling shelving. 

5. Consider custom cabinets.

Have a really small kitchen? Don’t expect to make regular cabinets fit the space. Custom built cabinets are actually the solution you’ve been waiting on. Ask any home renovation contractor how you can design and build your own cabinet solutions. 

6. Find creative ways to hide your appliances. 

To make the most of every last inch, consider hiding your appliances instead of cluttering the counter. Some ideas might be to install your microwave above the oven or to create a pop-out drawer for the toaster. Whatever creative solution you have (or don’t have figured out!), a home renovation contractor can help you design it. 

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