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How to Make Your Master Bathroom More Relaxing

Nothing is better than having a place in your home to relax and unwind after a long day at the office or wrangling the toddlers. Your master bathroom can be just the place—but only if you take steps to transform it into an oasis instead of a room of necessity. Here’s how to renovate your master bathroom and make it a more relaxing space. 

4 Ways to Make Your Master Bathroom More Relaxing

1. Choose tranquil colors. 

Color scheme can play a major part in your feelings about a space. Bold oranges and deep reds can make people feel anxious or display high-energy levels. Blues and soft neutrals, however, create a sense of calm. Blue walls have even been noted to bring down blood pressure and slow heart rate. Painting your bathroom walls blue or choosing a blue tile could be your key to a relaxing, rejuvenating environment. 

2. Install a garden tub.

Garden tubs can be a great addition to any master bathroom if you’re looking to unwind. Think about it: what’s more relaxing after a long day than drawing a bubble bath and pouring a glass of wine? Nothing. When it’s time to remodel, consider garden tub installation—no matter your price point, most contractors can find a model to match your budget!

3. Avoid harsh lighting. 

Lighting matters too when setting a mood. To make your bathroom a serene space to spend time, you’ll want to avoid harsh fluorescents and bright whites. Opt for soft amber lighting instead to create a soothing environment.

4. Design in-unit storage.  

If everything in your bathroom had a designated place, would you be more likely to put it away? Studies say yes—and organized, clutter-free spaces allow for peace of mind. Installing custom storage within your master bathroom closet can make all the difference—and it’s something that can easily be added onto any home renovation.

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