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Pros and Cons: Should We Add On a Mother-In-Law Suite?

When it comes to remodeling your home near Denver, you can’t simply focus on the added space and new design. You have to think about adding value to your home, too. Today, we’re discussing mother-in-law suites and breaking down the pros and cons of adding-on. 

Pros of Adding On a Mother-In-Law Suite

1. More space for guests

When you add on a mother-in-law suite or guest house, you’ll have plenty of space for guests. If you have a multitude of visitors—like out-of-state friends and family—having the extra room, that’s separate from your actual dwelling can make overnight stays more enjoyable and comfortable for all parties. 

2. Room to grow

Additionally, a mother-in-law suite will give you room to grow. If you plan on taking in an aging parent or a live-in nanny, this annex will allow them to have a private space without giving up the luxury of being close to your home. 

3. Additional storage

Need a place for extra furniture? Want to store seasonal items—like ski jackets, winter wear, and beach chairs—away from the primary residence? In a mother-in-law suite, you can design extra storage spaces to stow away all of your goodies. 

4. Potential rental income

Live in a particularly touristy area of Colorado? Thinking about AirBNB-ing your extra space? If your annex isn’t being used by family members or guests, it can also serve as a rental property. Just make sure to check all local laws and AirBNB standards while considering this option.

Cons of Adding On a Mother-In-Law Suite

1. High utility costs

Building a mother-in-law suite can be a costly venture—and it’s not just the initial up-front costs of building the additional space. You’ll also have to consider future utility costs. In addition to heating and cooling your own home, you’ll also have to condition your mother-in-law suite.

2. Zoning and building codes

During the initial construction phase, you’ll also have to deal with your area’s local zoning laws and building codes. Thankfully, when you choose a quality home additions contractor, you can avoid a lot of the headache associated with zoning laws and building codes—as they will handle each step of the process in getting proper permits. 

3. Insurance costs

Ah, insurance. Before building on an additional dwelling, you’ll need to also check your current homeowner’s insurance policy. If it does not cover accessory units, you may have to insure it separately. 

4. Additional upkeep

Last, but not least, you’ll also have to consider the additional upkeep. With a mother-in-law suite, you’ll have another space that requires weekly chores—like cleaning the toilets, mopping, and dusting. Plus, you’ll have to make any necessary repairs in the long-term. 

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