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Archive for June 2019

4 Ways to Make Fido Happy in Your New Home

Remodeling your home, or even constructing a new home, is a stressful process—we’ve even talked about how to cope with the stress of a remodel on our blog before—but even during the hard times, you can’t forget about man’s best friend. Living with pets is one of life’s many blessings—so, what can you do in…

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How Much Do New Windows Cost?

Whether you’re looking to restore an older home or you’ve ventured out on a limb considering a new construction project, you might ask yourself: how much do new windows cost? Well, it depends. New windows or window replacement cost can vary by a number of factors. Style, size, and quantity of windows needed all play…

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How Long Is a Remodel Going to Take?

Asking yourself, “how long is this remodel going to take?” Depending on a variety of factors, home remodeling or renovation can be a quick and painless process…or it can be a headache that drags on for months. Everyday that passes is another 12 to 15 hours of subcontractors traipsing through your home with chainsaws blaring…

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5 Things That Happen When You Wait to Replace Your Roof

Of all the major home repairs, installing your roof is pretty darn important…but you might be putting it off. Whether you’re worried about cost, weather, or lack of time, you shouldn’t let these factors get in the way. Truth is the longer you wait to replace your roof, there are more problems that could arise.…

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