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Here’s Why You Should Avoid DIY Home Improvement

You love taking on DIY projects. Painting your new home was a fun weekend activity with the neighbors in your Fort Collins cul-de-sac. Crafting a shelf for your wife? A piece of cake. Designing that coffee table for mom? What a great feeling of accomplishment. You feel like you can conquer the world. A home renovation project? You can totally handle it…right?

Eh. Not so fast. When taking on a big home improvement project—like a bathroom renovation or a home addition—you might want to ask a professional. Why? Well, big projects come with big problems and puzzles to solve. Inexperience might not be your friend in this case. Plus, any mishap could lead to big expenses—here are 4 reasons why you should hire a professional.

1. Contractors handle everything.

From design to walk through, your contractor will handle it. That’s what you’ve hired them for—to get the job done fast and without distraction. When you commit to a DIY home renovation, it’s likely not your only responsibility. If you have a job, kids, or extracurriculars you may find yourself a bit crunched for time and neglecting one of the three. Contractors, on the other hand, live and breathe home renovations. You won’t need to worry about anything, as your contractor will be handling the design and permit approval phase, acquisition of supplies, and overseeing the project. And, because they’re only focused on your home renovation, they’ll likely complete the project much faster than you would if you DIY.

2. The design is important.

Creating a functional design is so important when home remodeling. Contractors have done this before (make sure you ask for past project examples!) and they are often skilled at creating functional floorplans. Whatever your vision for your home renovation, we’re certain a contractor can turn your dream into reality.

3. Contractors have insurance.

Unlike you, contractors have insurance specific to construction mishaps and flaws. If you choose to tackle a DIY home renovation and something goes wrong, you’re liable. And whatever additional cost comes along with the damages of an accident or misunderstood instruction? That’s all on you. Contractors, on the other hand, have insurance. If anything happens on the job—you’re often covered and won’t incur as many or any additional expenses.

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