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5 Bathroom Trends to Get Excited About in 2019

Is your bathroom a little behind the times? Want to refresh your space in the new year? We don’t waste your time and money on old school remodels—our team gets the scoop on the latest and greatest trends (and we bring them to you ASAP). Before renovating your bathroom this year, consider these 2019 bathroom remodeling trends—everything from hip ways to expand your space to minimalist storage ideas. Not convinced remodeling is the right move for your home? Consider these 4 reasons to remodel your bathroom, too.

5 Popular Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2019

When planning a bathroom remodel, you have a lot to think about—from design to layout to fixtures and more. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom in 2019, here are some of the hottest design and fixture trends to consider.

1. Expanding your space

First and foremost, homeowners in 2019 are crazy about luxury. And what’s more luxurious than a massive master bath? Craving more space to relax and pamper is the hot trend of this year—so lots of homeowners are opting for a total bathroom remodel and an expansion of their current space. Get ready to knock down some walls and really get to business.  

2. Vintage decor and fixtures

Vintage mirrors, unique light hangings, and brass fixtures are also trending in 2019. If you’re looking for an interesting (and honestly timeless!) look for your bathroom, consider remodeling it with vintage fixtures and decor. Think roaring twenties style with a modern twist (AKA all up-to-date plumbing and electrical!).

3. Simple, minimalist storage

If you’ve watched Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, you already know the mantra of 2019: If it doesn’t spark joy, throw it away. 2019 is the year of the minimalist—which means it’s time to clean out those bathroom cabinets you never, ever open. Say goodbye to extra storage space and say hello open shelving and simple, minimalist design.

4. Powder room facelifts

Small bathrooms need love too. In 2019, remodeling small powder rooms is totally “in”. Many home remodelers and designers are taking on these tiny spaces as a challenge. With a little magic touch and a few hours of planning, you, too, can turn your small bathroom into an oasis for your houseguests.

5. Wood tones

If you’re looking for a modern twist on another classic, you’ll love this 2019 bathroom trend: wood tones replacing stones. Say goodbye to marble and granite, this year sleek wood designs are taking over. It’s widely held that this material isn’t ideal for wet spaces, however, wood breathes quite well and naturally absorbs moisture—just make sure to wipe down excess moisture if possible.

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