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Do You Have Room? 4 Questions to Consider Before a Home Addition

Do you feel like your home is bursting at the seams? Are you outgrowing your living space…but don’t want to leave? We get that. Whether you’re growing a family or taking in elderly loved ones, adding on to your home might be something to consider. However, home additions are major construction projects—here are 4 questions to ponder before embarking on a home renovation journey.  

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4 Questions to Consider Before a Home Addition

Q1: Do you have enough land to build out?

Main-level additions are often the simplest to plan for and construct—but, do you have enough space to build out? Knowing how much land you own is an important first step. If you live in a subdivision, you’ll also want to check with your homeowners association, or HOA, about its policies on home additions that expand out, not up.

Q2: Would you be willing to build up or down?

If a main-level addition is not an option, consider how you would feel about building up or down. Second-story additions can be more complicated to plan and maneuver, but they are not impossible. Remodeling the basement is also a great option is you are unwilling or unable to build a home addition outwards.

When considering these two questions, always ask yourself: will this type of home addition complete my home? And, is this home addition going to add value to my space?

Q3: How much do you want to spend?

Cost is a very important factor to consider when remodeling your home. Home additions can vary quite a bit in cost, so it’s always good to go into the planning process with a firm number in mind. If you’re sticking to a stick budget, ask your contractor what type of home addition they recommend within the constraints of your financial situation.

Q4: Do you want the exterior to match?

One of the biggest challenges to home additions is matching up the exterior of the new addition to the existing exterior. If your home is older, finding the exact brick, siding, or other materials can present a challenge. If your existing exterior materials are untraceable, you will have decide whether to replace the materials on the entire house or have the addition not match.

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