Do You Have Room? 7 Questions to Consider Before a Home Addition

January 18, 2019

Whether you have dreams of a sunroom or an extra guest room, it’s quite common to have aspirations to expand your home. But, of course, this is a massive undertaking that should be carefully considered. It involves finding high-quality contractors, sacrificing a peaceful, quiet home for an extended period of time, an arduous approval process with both your neighborhood and local authorities, and much, much more.  

Before you plow full steam ahead with contracting out an addition, ask yourself these 7 questions

1. What value will an addition bring to my home? 

Really think about this one. Can you achieve what you’re looking for with this potential build by reconfiguring your current living situation? Is it possible that a smaller-scale renovation might do the trick? Sometimes we don’t see the potential of the space we already have. It can be a great first step to meet with a designer to brainstorm what the best way to achieve your goals might be. And if you’re still deadset on adding an addition after that, you might be moving in the right direction. 

2. Can you afford it?

Be realistic with yourself. Is a home addition in your budget? Will you need to take out loans and if so, how long will it take to pay them off? Don’t pursue this project if you aren’t really in a place to pay out that much cash. Like we said above, you can always opt for a cheaper renovation to achieve a similar goal in the meantime. If your heart is really set on it, take this opportunity to start saving so you can complete this project in the future. 

3. Do you have enough outdoor space for the addition? 

The question of the hour: do you have the room for an addition? This may seem like an obvious yes or no question but there are complications involved with whether your lot can accommodate an addition or not.

One important consideration is the property lines. Will you cross it if you put your addition where you envisioned? Also, keep the shape and structure of your home as it currently stands in mind. Will an addition ruin the flow of the house? Will you lose precious yard space? Factor in all of these questions.  

4. Would you be willing to build up or down?

If a main-level addition is not an option, consider how you would feel about building up or down. Second-story additions can be more complicated to plan and maneuver, but they are not impossible. Remodeling the basement is also a great option if you are unwilling or unable to build a home addition outwards. 

5. What permits and permissions will be necessary to build it? 

Unfortunately, home renovation isn’t as easy as wanting to make a major change and doing it; you must make sure that you are in the good graces of your HOA and your local government. Be sure to check if you’re even allowed to include an addition in your neighborhood. Then once you’re square there, get in touch with your local governing board to see what permits you need to complete the project 

(TIP: you’ll need to go through this process with a lot of regular home renovations as well). 

6. How will the disruption of building affect your life? 

Face it, hearing power equipment drone on for hours nearly every day is not for the faint of heart. Your daily life with transform for however long this addition takes to build. So be realistic with your current life as it stands and all the sacrifices and inconveniences you’ll have to make in order to make this build happen. 

7. Who can I trust with this project? 

Before you pursue this project, be absolutely positive you have a stellar team on your side. You don’t want to go with the cheapest option necessarily. You should go with an option that you thoroughly vet, trust, and enjoy the previous work of. 

If you’re in the Denver or Greater Northern Colorado area, H3 Home Construction & Design is your trusted team for all things home improvement. We are well-versed in how to wow our clients with functional, stunning spaces they will enjoy for years to come. 


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