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Why Granby?

Custom home build in the works by h3 in Colorado
If the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking about "Colorado" are mountains, exclusivity, freedom, and fresh air, Granby is the ideal destination for you. Located deep in the Rocky Mountains lies this beautiful town with scenic views each and every way you look. What would Colorado be if it had the same "city-life" environment wherever you turned?

Whether you're looking for an area to call home year-round or a place to build your dream vacation home, Granby is the highlighted spot on the map. In the summer, nature shows its true beauty. With gorgeous creeks, luscious rolling hills, green trees, and wildlife that has no boundaries, you'll be swept away by the off-the-grid feeling that comes with living in this wilderness paradise.

This is why we've chosen to serve Granby by designing and building new homes that are unique and functional.
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New Construction Homes for Sale in Granby

Design-build projects are the evolution of the construction industry. Integrating design with construction at the beginning of the project has allowed our team to build unique homes that you, as the new homeowner, can enjoy each and every day.

Every piece of the home has been designed and constructed with high-end materials; we expect this home to last just as you do. Our new construction builds are competitively made to outlast other homes in the area. Our design and build teams have come together to truly think about the homeowner's needs and the experience you'd want from your home.

When you're investing in a house, you want one that you can honestly call your "home", that's what we've built here in Granby. Happiness and satisfaction are at the forefront of our builds. If we said that we wouldn't personally live in these homes, then we wouldn't build them.

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Home Building With Care

Made with Integrity

We're a team of licensed and insured design & construction contractors. We only use the best materials that are ethically sourced.

Designed to Perfection

Our design team put our best foot forward with these new construction builds. They are the best on the market in Granby.

Built to Standards

We follow county guidelines and protocols when building these properties from the ground up. You'll get the best home when you choose h3.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our homes are built with the intention of keeping you in them for forever. You'll be 100% satisfied each and every day when you live in an h3 house.

Why Purchase One of Our Homes?

h3 started in Loveland, CO years ago by a team of brothers. We are still, to this day, a family-owned business, we just have a larger family than the day we started. We know that a home is more than just a place you use to keep a roof over your head, it's a pivotal landmark in your life. It's where your family will gather, where you'll have friends watch the Super Bowl, where you'll make memories with your children, and where you'll treasure some of the greatest moments of your life.

We've constructed our homes to be a place you'll want to remember. You'll have a longing to come back to this sanctuary even while you're out on vacation. It will be the place you'll always want to stay at!

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Where in Granby

We are currently building out several houses in Granby within the Granby Ranch area. If you are interested in learning more and seeing some of the designs before the builds are finished, please give us a call! Home sales are open now, so you can save your position for a Granby home by H3 Construction & Design. Buy in soon before we release these homes to the general public.
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Floor Plans Coming Soon!

Construction & Design
504 West Eisenhower Blvd, Suite 3,
Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: 970-515-2264
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