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In recent years, the construction industry has drastically changed and improved in procedures to ensure that business owners get the best product for their dollar. Construction projects move much faster, measurements are more accurate, and the digital landscape has taken over.

These improvements make it easier for the entire construction project to be built from start to finish with the utmost accuracy and minimal flaws. When a company is ready for a new build or reconstruction, the project goes to an architect for the design and the design is sent over to the construction company who has the winning bid on the job. Once the commercial construction company has all permits and plans ready, they source the materials and start building.

This process has significantly been impacted by digital technology to make the handover seamless.

These five changes to the construction industry have made procedures easier and buildings much safer. The company that you choose for your commercial or industrial construction project should have all of these new procedures in place if you plan for a safe and best of the best construction build.

The success and timeliness of your construction project rely on these improvements.

1. Augmented Reality

Within recent years, augmented reality has come to our mobile devices and E-Commerce stores online, however, it’s also found its place in construction.

Augmented reality is the process of creating a 3D image of an object and viewing it in real-time through a mobile camera lens, such as on your tablet or smartphone.

When a new building, restructure, or remodel is in its design stage, architects and construction companies can make a 3D model of the plan to preview a 3D rendered image on the actual site.

For new builds, this is great since the structure will be properly fitted to the dimensions of the zoning. Remodeling projects are much easier with augmented reality even during the construction stages to ensure proper design elements are being added in the right areas.

2. Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM aids in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) through intelligent 3D modeling. BIM is an intelligent model-based operation that enhances project information, making it easier to access and manage construction projects.

BIM uses computed technology through CAD software to design buildings and infrastructures. 

The process of BIM for construction projects is fairly complex, but extremely beneficial. The construction company will digitize the entire construction site for accurate project information and design.

This works great with augmented reality as these designs will be viewable in real-time at the actual project site.

3. 3D Laser Scanning Technology

3D laser scanners have been around for a few years now, but they are becoming more standard for all project sizes. 3D laser scanners make it possible for construction crews to level out the construction site, acquire accurate measurements of complex architectural designs, and digitize the entire construction environment.

3D laser scanners are used with BIM designs for a higher quality construction project. Instead of having to spend hours gathering measurement data by hand, using a 3D scanner will accurately measure and digitize even the most complex designs.

4. Prefabrication and Modular Construction

Prefabrication and modular construction mean that parts or whole construction projects are built off-site then, relocated to the construction site. Prefabrication has made it easier for construction contractors to build parts of a large project under controlled environments. Not all projects need to be done in the snow or mud.

5. Drones

Drones aren’t just for taking incredible images of the ocean or mountaintops. The construction industry has been using drones to ensure safety and project success. Instead of having a crew member climb to an unsafe area of a building for inspection, the drone is flown in to review.

Drones are fully controlled on the ground by an authorized member of the construction team to view structural deformities and possible safety problems. These devices allow project managers to inspect a 360 display of the entire project without risking the lives of their crew members.


A lot has changed in the construction industry to ensure large projects like yours are built to the best of the construction company’s abilities. With digital devices like these, commercial construction companies like H3 Construction & Design have a higher success rate for the construction project’s finish time.

Our Colorado construction projects are the best, you won’t find a more accurate or structurally sound project than the ones we work on. We’re known for ensuring that our customers aren’t just satisfied with our work, but love it. Give us a call today if you want a trusted, forward-thinking, experienced commercial construction team working on your project.

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